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Weather forecasting, Italian style

Posted in Daily Life, Stupidity, TV with tags , , , , , , , on May 30, 2008 by Cicero

TV is one of the funniest aspects of Italy. Italian TV does not stop to offer astonishing examples of how strange is the daily life here.

Consider weather forecasting, for instance. In normal places, this is something low profile. I mean, the TV presents someone who talks about sun, snow, temperature etc. This someone can be a man, a woman, sometimes funny, sometimes not so much.

But here, in Italy, if you watch RAI Uno you are going to see something quite unusual. There is an Italian air force officer playing the role of weather guy. And this officer, devoted to his TV celebrity job, applies even hair gel! Check please the picture below. If the air force officer works for the TV channel, who works for the Italian air force? Some nice weather girl? That’s Italy: nothing is like it should be.

Italian air force officer or weather guy?Italian air force officer with hair gel