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To love Italy one should be far away from it

Posted in General, Paradoxes with tags , on May 27, 2008 by Cicero

Italy is a country designed to the platonic love. You love Italy while watching Under Tuscan Sun. You admire Italy while visiting its ruins and monuments. You respect the Italian way coming here just on vacations. Do anything in Italy, but do not stay here for too much. Otherwise your respect for the country will vanish completely.

Living here you will see how fragile is the Italian society and how the country is non-functional and prone to the corruption and apathy.

If you stay here for too much, you will not be able to avoid the awful Italian TV, you will listen to xenophobic statements, you will see egocentric Italian struggling just for money, with no respect for their own families. You will see shocking crimes being treated as TV attractions. You will see a non-justifiable national pride for a country which has lost its direction long time ago.

Love Italy, far away from it.