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Emilio Fede: TV anchorman or opera diva?

Posted in Daily Life, Stupidity, TV with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on Jun 21, 2008 by Cicero

Although counted as a developed country, Italy is still not capable to have a minimally acceptable TV. There are life shows, many from the Endemol lineage. There are journals, all of them superficial and amazingly primitive (they read news from piece of papers, instead of electronic panels!). There are talk shows, better classified as a bunch of complainers unable to do anything but to blame the government, either local or European.

Perhaps the only good exception is Striscia la Notizia, which presents a satirical view of the Italian life.

But even considering the low level of the Italian TV journalism, TG4 from Rete 4 is something beyond the curve. That piece of junk is presented and directed by the infamous Emilio Fede, a completely biased journalist and psychologically disturbed human being. To prove what I am stating, no one better than Emilio Fede himself. Observe his performance while presenting the TG4, look how stable he is, how gentle and professional.

This video was compiled by Stricia la Notizia. It is a combination of images which were in fact transmitted to others which were smuggled by Rete 4 employees. This is obviously their revenge for being continuously offended by Emilio Fede. By the way, every time you hear a beep, Emilio is swearing. And every time you see Fuori Onda, that image was not publicly transmitted.

Is Emilio Fede the Italian version of Tom Brokaw?