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Berlusconi crooking Italian people

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Unfortunately, now and before, Silvio Berlusconi uses the Italian state to fulfill his personal agenda, not linked to the interests of the Italian people. But it is fair to argue I am just throwing opinions, not substantiated by facts. For that reason I will pinpoint some:

  • Most media tycoons expand globally their businesses. So, why does Berlusconi’s Mediaset is almost completely located in Italy? The answer is simple: in Italy he has the connections to succeed, no matter how inefficient his businesses are. Outside Italy, he would depend on his business acumen and organization quality, which are far from good, indeed.
  • Italian public prosecutors have been hunting Berlusconi for his business practices since 1997. The decreto sicurezza, recently proposed and approved by the Berlusconi government, contains laws conceived to protect him from being investigated and prosecuted.
  • Rete 4, a TV channel part of Mediaset, was fined by European Union for wrongly using a TV frequency, which should be allocated to Europa 7. But with the Italian government support, Rete 4 continues to use the unauthorized frequency. This costs €150,000 per day to the Italian people. At the end of this process the fine can reach more than one billion euro.

Silvio Berlusconi will continue to make the Italian state to pay for his debts and to support his businesses expansion. The pinnacle of the stupidity is that Berlusconi has the approval from Italian people.


Trash TV: Italian leading edge

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Stupid TV shows are not an Italian privilege. In any part of the world you can find TV attractions where people do any absurd to get their 15 minutes of fame. What gives Italy a special distinction is how trash TV is well positioned, both in terms of audience and prestige.

An evident example of this garbage is La Corrida, from Canale 5, where amateurs present their special abilities and are evaluated by the crowd. As you can imagine, this kind of show tends to be really funny. But in Italy they crossed the line between funny and lack of humane respect.

The show is hosted by Gerry Scotti and the beautiful Michela Coppa. Their mission is to present weird stuff and make the attenders look like complete idiots. Quite frankly, it seems they present some mentally challenged people just to mock at them. This is completely unacceptable.

Here there is one of the attenders dancing. One wonders how much pain this poor lady had suffered the day following her presentation.

Emilio Fede: TV anchorman or opera diva?

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Although counted as a developed country, Italy is still not capable to have a minimally acceptable TV. There are life shows, many from the Endemol lineage. There are journals, all of them superficial and amazingly primitive (they read news from piece of papers, instead of electronic panels!). There are talk shows, better classified as a bunch of complainers unable to do anything but to blame the government, either local or European.

Perhaps the only good exception is Striscia la Notizia, which presents a satirical view of the Italian life.

But even considering the low level of the Italian TV journalism, TG4 from Rete 4 is something beyond the curve. That piece of junk is presented and directed by the infamous Emilio Fede, a completely biased journalist and psychologically disturbed human being. To prove what I am stating, no one better than Emilio Fede himself. Observe his performance while presenting the TG4, look how stable he is, how gentle and professional.

This video was compiled by Stricia la Notizia. It is a combination of images which were in fact transmitted to others which were smuggled by Rete 4 employees. This is obviously their revenge for being continuously offended by Emilio Fede. By the way, every time you hear a beep, Emilio is swearing. And every time you see Fuori Onda, that image was not publicly transmitted.

Is Emilio Fede the Italian version of Tom Brokaw?

Cigars and cartoons in Italy

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If you have children, you a concerned person. I mean, you are concerned with your child happiness, health, school, friends and many more. One of my top concerns is what my daughter sees when she watches TV. I do my best to avoid her contact with violence, pornography, racism and drug usage. That’s a real challenge, in any country in the world. But here in Italy, as always, things are harder…

Just another day, my daughter was watching TV, in particular, a cartoon called Marcelino Pane e Vino, at RAI Gulp, a state controlled TV channel, dedicated to children. Suddenly, my daughter asked: “daddy, why is everybody smoking?” Of course I came to check the TV, and she was right: in a room, every cartoon character was smoking a cigar! Of course I tried to minimize the fact, saying to my daughter that those were only bad people (in fact they were the vilans). But from time to time, my daughter remember those guys smoking, like as asking for an logical explanation for such nonsense.

But if you ask any Italian, they say here is a First World country. Here one can buy cigarettes only at special places. Here, there is also a fine if one smokes nearby a child. Here, each cigarette pack is full of warnings about how deadly is to smoke. But here, in Italy, your child can also see cartoon characters smoking on a children TV channel.

That’s a true story, and it shows how stupidity is disseminated in Italy. My three years daughter is more capable to evaluate cartoon quality than RAI executives.

Weather forecasting, Italian style

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TV is one of the funniest aspects of Italy. Italian TV does not stop to offer astonishing examples of how strange is the daily life here.

Consider weather forecasting, for instance. In normal places, this is something low profile. I mean, the TV presents someone who talks about sun, snow, temperature etc. This someone can be a man, a woman, sometimes funny, sometimes not so much.

But here, in Italy, if you watch RAI Uno you are going to see something quite unusual. There is an Italian air force officer playing the role of weather guy. And this officer, devoted to his TV celebrity job, applies even hair gel! Check please the picture below. If the air force officer works for the TV channel, who works for the Italian air force? Some nice weather girl? That’s Italy: nothing is like it should be.

Italian air force officer or weather guy?Italian air force officer with hair gel