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Cigars, cigarettes and Freud

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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud

Just another day, this blog received a funny comment, regarding an old post. The comment was so absurd that I decided to share it with all of you. As it has some mistakes, I sense an Italian style. So, although it does not come from Italy, the comment matches the blog’s spirit.

As I am open to criticism, the comment is reproduced integrally:

In fact here you are the stupid: the child simply asked why were they smoking, and you are making a drama out of an old cartoon (btw: cigars are not proven damaging heath as cigarettes, get an education before posting on the web). Maybe better you switch your child to CNN or BBC, where she can watch blood everywhere from reportage from Iraq or man slotering from the towns were you live. Come out of your cave, get an education and learn where the switch off button of your TV set is.

From Thomas Edison, based somewhere in the Czech Republic.

The personal offenses I will politely decline to comment. Thomas Edison is free to make any comment and any judgment. This is freedom, something quite unusual in the Czech Republic during 50 years, from 1939 to 1989.

The factual mistakes I am obliged to fix:

  • An old cartoon: Marcelino Pane e Vino is not an old cartoon. It is still being commercialized and exhibited. And being old is not an excuse for being wrong or harmful. For instance, in the past people used to have slaves, now this is not acceptable.
  • CNN or BBC, where she can watch blood everywhere: That is not true. On those channels there are plenty of other programs besides war coverage.

And overall, the “get an education” issue was very, very funny. But instead of “getting an education” I’d rather “give an education,” linking Czech geography, Freud and cigars.

Freud, although Austrian, was born in a region which is now part of Czech Republic. This great man was a cigar aficionado and had suffered with oral cancer, which ultimately led to his death. Any educated person from Czech Republic or living there has to know these facts. So, arguing in favor of cigars is not something we could expect coming from a so called informed person.

One can be addict and perhaps even stupid. But no one has the right to oblige others to accept the stupidity.