This blog addresses the daily life in Italy from an outsider standpoint.

Anyone who tries to live a normal life in Italy is continuously bombarded with silly regulations, strange behaviors, non-functional organizations and chaotic bureaucracy, to mention a few. If you are an immigrant, add prejudice and xenophobia to this mix.

Considering that, it is hard to believe that anyone can have a positive feeling about Italy. Well, when I arrived here, I had that positive feeling. Now, I do not.

This blog is an attempt to demythologize Italy from its historic legends, from its First World status and from its grandiloquence. This is simply done by showing the ridiculous aspects of Italy.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Gianluca Says:

    Hi, Cicero.
    What’s happened? Why don’t you write anymore on this blog? I diìscovered it only last week and I love it. It’s really a pity that this blog has closed! Please answer me, I wait for a your answer.
    Greetings from Italy =)

    • Cicero Says:

      Hi Gianluca. You deserve an answer, for sure. I was involved into some personal projects which prevented me of writing in a proper way. As a matter of fact, the blog was not closed; it was just in a suspended state, which is now officially over. For the best and for the worst: I am back!

      • Gianluca Says:

        I’m very happy to read your words. I’m waiting for a next article.
        Good work and please don’t stop telling the world the truth about Italy!

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