Intriguing questions…

Italy is famous for its ruins, castles and remains of societies which existed here centuries ago. Much more than that, Italy, besides Greece, is the birthplace of the Western civilization. Although today’s Italy is truly ridiculous, there is a fantastic heritage. So, what happened to this country?

Traveling throughout the past, one can find numerous Italians who shaped the world as we know it: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Alessandro Volta, Dante Alighieri, Vivaldi, Verdi, Marco Polo, Columbus, Machiaveli… The list could continue, but the question remains: where are their partners in the modern Italy? Certainly Enrico Fermi, Toscanini, Gramsci, Fellini… But anyone would concede that Italy has lost its wisdom somewhere in the past.

More than that, what is the “greatest” Italian contribution to the world, recently? It is hard to admit, but that was the Fascism. Benito Mussolini created one of the three political beasts which hammered humanity during last century. Fascism, besides Nazism and Communism, was a plague which ruined so many lives and whose harmful affects remained during generations.

Nevertheless, prior to continue, I have to pay a tribute to the numerous Italians who strongly resisted to the Fascism, some of them even paying the highest price, their own lives. But their tremendous efforts could not change History: Fascism was an Italian invention, unfortunately.

And the most scaring aspect of Fascism in Italy is that the monster is still alive. I mean, from one side, Italy is not ashamed of Fascism as it should be (just compare to current Germany’s attitude towards Nazism). And from other side, there are Italian politicians who are openly fascists while the Italian people pretend they are not. Umberto Bossi, Roberto Maroni and Lega Nord, for instance, what are their beliefs?

  • Segregation, based on race: gypsies registered and classified (like Jewish people under Nazis)
  • There is always a scapegoat for Italian failures: immigrants (again a Nazi behaviour)
  • Recollection of some ancient symbol in order to grab some credibility: chivalric symbols (Mussolini used fasces)
Umberto Bossi and a dearest friend

Umberto Bossi and a dearest friend

While I see Italian past, and wonder about Italy’s future, I simply can not stop asking. How much time Italy will have to suffer? Where are the modern partisans who will fight these new fascists?


7 Responses to “Intriguing questions…”

  1. That’s not wholly right for some reasons.
    The Lega Nord party is racist toward 50% of italians too, and has the favour of a bit of people in Veneto and less people in Lombardia. Apart from that almost everybody think they are just dumb morons…well, it’s not people thinking, they actually are morons.
    And they can’t even score a 10% on general election, so they’re not that dangerous.
    Instead, there are a lot of people that are really fascist, and I mean people that say Mussolini was good and such things. LOL they miss Mussolini!
    Well, if the Lega Nord is a joke, they’re a cancer. They’re a real, serious problem.

  2. Cicero Says:

    Dear Cox,

    They are morons, indeed. But this fact does not imply they are not dangerous. Every radical group which endorses violence must be closely monitored.

    In the comune where I live, in Lombardia, Lega Nord got 60%. No comments about that.

  3. Yes that’s true but I wanted to tell the difference between them and the new fascist group that are rising now like poison mushrooms.
    About the Lega Nord, I really think they’re no able to take advantage of nothing, for the moment…they got 60% in Lombardia (I didn’t think that much) but the total is just the 8%.
    I agree with you that they should be closely monitored, i.e. in a mental hospital.

  4. Alessandra Says:

    Actually the big triumph at the elections of PDL was thanks to Lega Nord; it is not anymore a little party; it has become bigger and actually it is growing more and more. Unfortunatelly.

  5. Cicero Says:

    Unfortunately indeed, Alessandra.

  6. italians need not feel alone on this…

    not to forget that france has sarkozy too… who practices an even more evolved form of racism based on faulty & essentialising divides over “civilisations”… what is “european” and “what’s not european”

    this new form of discrimination lead to the most subtle and pervasive violence we often encounter in everyday life

    • Cicero Says:

      Hi phil.

      In Europe, the alleged “cultural” is indeed evolving to ethnic and religious prejudice. History has plenty of examples showing where this hatred path finishes.

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