Berlusconi crooking Italian people

Unfortunately, now and before, Silvio Berlusconi uses the Italian state to fulfill his personal agenda, not linked to the interests of the Italian people. But it is fair to argue I am just throwing opinions, not substantiated by facts. For that reason I will pinpoint some:

  • Most media tycoons expand globally their businesses. So, why does Berlusconi’s Mediaset is almost completely located in Italy? The answer is simple: in Italy he has the connections to succeed, no matter how inefficient his businesses are. Outside Italy, he would depend on his business acumen and organization quality, which are far from good, indeed.
  • Italian public prosecutors have been hunting Berlusconi for his business practices since 1997. The decreto sicurezza, recently proposed and approved by the Berlusconi government, contains laws conceived to protect him from being investigated and prosecuted.
  • Rete 4, a TV channel part of Mediaset, was fined by European Union for wrongly using a TV frequency, which should be allocated to Europa 7. But with the Italian government support, Rete 4 continues to use the unauthorized frequency. This costs €150,000 per day to the Italian people. At the end of this process the fine can reach more than one billion euro.

Silvio Berlusconi will continue to make the Italian state to pay for his debts and to support his businesses expansion. The pinnacle of the stupidity is that Berlusconi has the approval from Italian people.


4 Responses to “Berlusconi crooking Italian people”

  1. Cicero,

    honestly do you have really enough time to waste it only for writing your poor statements and sentences against the italians and the prime minister?

    This is for me a nonsense game but if you feel that this is profitable for your health and can compensate even some of your problems welcome.

    One question.
    Why don’t you migrate versus another country if you hate Italy and the goverment that anyway allows you to write your opinions covered by an historical italian famous name???

  2. Cicero Says:

    Dear Andrew,

    First of all, thanks for your comments.

    In fact I do not have time to blog. I am attending to an EMBA and also working. I am only able to maintain this blog because I am a good planner.

    I do agree my statements are against Italian government and the prime minister. I also agree my statements are a bit, let’s say, harsh… But I am not lying. It is impossible to take Berlusconi seriously. And I am not alone: The Economist, Financial Times, the White House… All of them agree with me.

    My blog is not a nonsense game. Do not say that, please. I do like to write about Italian idiosyncrasies, it pleases me and it is also a way to warn Italian people to come back to the planet Earth.

    I do not hate Italy! In fact I love it. I hate what are doing with Italy. If it continues on this road, Italy will leave G8 soon. And leave room for Spain or perhaps even Greece…

    Just one last remark: I am sorry, but Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman, not an Italian. Italy as we know it was created only in 1861! Forgive me, but Cicero is as Italian as Sitting Bull is American.

  3. Cicero, the blogosphere is packed with people who cannot tolerate a contrasting point of view. And even more packed with people who think that criticism is treason. A strange thing.

    News today about Ehud Olmert made me think of our dear friend Silvio Berlusconi …

    A cartoon is here:


  4. Cicero Says:

    Ehud Olmert does not honor Israeli political heritage. Israel’s history is full of examples of great prime ministers, who had successfully faced tremendous challenges. I am truly sorry about that.

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