Welcome to the club, White House!

Il Presidente del Consiglio, Silvio Berlusconi

Il Presidente del Consiglio: Berlusconi

Now it is official: Berlusconi is recognized as a corrupt leader by US government, finally. Even after all apologies, nobody can denies the deeds…

The facts: at the end of 2008 G8 summit, in Japan, the White House issued a press release containing a Berlusconi biography. The issue was that this biography was extremely negative, even offensive to Berlusconi, Italy and the Italian people. Of course the White House promptly acknowledged the mistake and send apologies to all involved.

But the bottom line is, no matter how many apologies, the real Berlusconi was unveiled to the world. Although he can still block Italian media, he can not do the same with the rest of the world. Now the world can see that Berlusconi is in fact a thug, not a media tycoon; that his fortune was made based on his political connections, not on his business acumen. The world can examine his fascist connections. The world will be closer to the truth. And nobody hates the truth more than Berlusconi.

And, accordingly to the White House, Silvio Berlusconi:

  • is hated by many;
  • is a political dilettante;
  • gained power through his control of media;
  • is one of the most controversial leaders of Italy, a country known for corruption and vice.

Now it is official, no one can deny.

By the way, I received some justifiable complains, stating this post contained nudity. Respecting those observations I have changed the post’s main image. But considering how many nude prostitutes there are in the Italian streets, I wonder how a nude Berlusconi can shock anyone. Nevertheless, I removed the most offensive portion of the image. I hope you do not mind: it was a very small stuff, anyway.

5 Responses to “Welcome to the club, White House!”

  1. Marta Rostano Says:

    I’m Italian, I’m writing from Bologna. I do agree, with everything, but this man in the photo is Berlusconi’s sosia.

  2. Cicero Says:

    Dear Marta,

    I guess you are right, it seems this is not Berlusconi. But I need futher research. Is this Maurizio Antonini?

    If it is confirmed this is not Berlusconi, we will need a real photo of him. In a ridiculous way, as usual. Can you help me on this ventuer?


  3. Judging the size of the red dot, it does seem to be an incredibly small item indeed. Perhaps it was unusually cold that day? Or perhaps not.

  4. […] a un ser humano, una cosa que da fiestas, organiza orgías y manda en un país llamado Italia. RIDICULOUS ITALY By the way, I received some justifiable complains, stating this post contained nudity. Respecting […]

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