Italian police: more flavors, further inefficiency

Some time ago I’ve posted some comments about Italian police. Quite frankly, I was surprised with so much interest. So, I decided to further explore this subject. And, as I expected, I found even more funny stuff. I mean, Italy is an unlimited source of stupidity.

After my research, the conclusion was: Italian police organization is so arcane, that it does not operate properly. Not even by accident.

Like I posted before, there are five (!) national police branches in Italy. But each police force is under the authority of a different minister. And as Italy has a weak parliamentary system, each minister can be from a different party or group. One does not need to be brilliant to conclude that coordination among the Italian police forces is remarkably complex, maybe impossible.

Currently, there are:

  • Polizia di Stato, under the Ministero dell’Interno.
  • Carabinieri, under the Ministero della Difesa.
  • Guardia di Finanza is under the Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze.
  • Polizia Penitenziaria, under the Ministro della Giustizia.
  • Corpo Forestale dello Stato is under the Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare.

The Ministero dell’Interno is under the fascist party Lega Nord Padania, all the others under the party Il Popolo della Libertà.

This structure is the best expression of Italy’s savoir-faire: nothing makes sense, neither works properly. Five overlapping and non-coordinated police forces, all with military organization, to deal with civilian duties.

To make things even worse, each police force is further divided into specialized divisions, generating more overlaps and more confusion. For instance, within the Polizia di Stato, among other divisions, there are:

  • Polizia Stradale: patrols the highway system;
  • Polizia Ferroviaria: patrols the railroad system;
  • Polizia Postale: assures the letters and telegrams behave well!

The overlaps are so huge and the waste of resources is so obvious that only in Italy such arrangement could exist. Just to illustrate, the Guardia di Finanza has a naval branch (!), which obviously overlaps with Italian Coast Guard.

Here there are the sailors (!) from Guardia di Finanza:

Naval branch from Guardia di Finanza

And here their ships:

Fastboats from Guarda di Finanza

By the way, here, a fashion police force needs to have boats (in the order, Polizia di Stato, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and Polizia Penitenziaria):

Boat from Polizia di StatoBoat from Carabinieri
Boat from Guarda di FinanzaBoat from Polizia Penitenziaria

Everyone who understands a bit about organization management, recognizes that having similar structures dealing with similar problems, it is a waste of resources. More than that, those similar structures tend to compete with each other, instead of to collaborate. Without an unified command and control, Italian police forces will never work in a coordinated way.

With so many specialized police branches, I wonder why there is no police branch dedicated to fight Mafia.


4 Responses to “Italian police: more flavors, further inefficiency”

  1. Andrea Gastaldi Says:

    Hello, I agree with you, the situation here in Italy is really scandalous, but I just wanted to correct you in some points:

    – you forgot local police, Italian coast guard, ambiental police and many other little police forces

    – lega nord is not a fascist ( not officially ) but racist party, and with this I don’t want to defend in any way lega nord party wich is one of the main problems we have actually in Italy

    – the Postal police controls the internet and the postal service, I don’t think it’s useless it protects the customers against buncos and pedophilia, there are many and many divisions which are more useless

    – you forgot the digos police division ( political police) and the dia ( the antimafia department)

    – the boats in the pitures ( police, carabinieri, polizia penitenziaria and guardia di finanza) are used just in Venice, which is a city (my city) without any car, so the boat is the most used convey to move in the city, there are infacts water bus water taxi and private boats because Venice hasn’t got any road, but we move by the canals.

    By the way I agree with you, Italy is like the bananas republic.

  2. Cicero Says:

    Hi Andrea,

    First of all, thanks for your comments.

    Well, I decided to not mention the specialized branches just to minimize somehow the post. Overall, you are right: considering the small departments, one could find many more (useless) police branches.

    But regarding the infamous Lega Nord, I can not concede anything… I mean, they are morons. And, as such, they try use shortcuts to get votes and win elections. Bottom line, they use antagonism as political instrument. As any fascist party has been using, since the Stone Age… Today, they are using immigrants, extracomunitari… Tomorrow: skin color, religion… What makes me mad is the Italian experience with Fascism: one should learn with History.

    I mean, if one is not able to learn with History, one should, at least, learn with the cinema. Anyone who sounds like Darth Vader has to be the villain. So, be careful with Bossi!

    You can say Lega Nord does not consider itself a fascist party. But they look like, they smell like, they walk like… You know, like our friend Bill said: What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But, this is just a quote… Lega Nord is far more related to a pig than to a rose…

    About the boats… OK… You are right: I did not mention Venice. I was not completely fair. Without boats no deal in Venice. Congratulations you are a smart Italian (like me, by the way), a rare specimen. Move outside, stupidity can be contagious.

  3. sam russo Says:

    you dont know what ur saying you r a knocker

  4. Cicero Says:

    Dear sam russo,

    I am sorry, but I agree with you just partially. But I am sure we can continue to live bearing this.

    No, sam… I do know what I am talking about. Although I am using a caustic way, I am telling the truth.

    Yes, sam… I am knocker, a persistent critic. Anyone who lives in Italy and who has a funcional brain becomes a person like this. Blame the country, not me.


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