Cigars and cartoons in Italy

If you have children, you a concerned person. I mean, you are concerned with your child happiness, health, school, friends and many more. One of my top concerns is what my daughter sees when she watches TV. I do my best to avoid her contact with violence, pornography, racism and drug usage. That’s a real challenge, in any country in the world. But here in Italy, as always, things are harder…

Just another day, my daughter was watching TV, in particular, a cartoon called Marcelino Pane e Vino, at RAI Gulp, a state controlled TV channel, dedicated to children. Suddenly, my daughter asked: “daddy, why is everybody smoking?” Of course I came to check the TV, and she was right: in a room, every cartoon character was smoking a cigar! Of course I tried to minimize the fact, saying to my daughter that those were only bad people (in fact they were the vilans). But from time to time, my daughter remember those guys smoking, like as asking for an logical explanation for such nonsense.

But if you ask any Italian, they say here is a First World country. Here one can buy cigarettes only at special places. Here, there is also a fine if one smokes nearby a child. Here, each cigarette pack is full of warnings about how deadly is to smoke. But here, in Italy, your child can also see cartoon characters smoking on a children TV channel.

That’s a true story, and it shows how stupidity is disseminated in Italy. My three years daughter is more capable to evaluate cartoon quality than RAI executives.


4 Responses to “Cigars and cartoons in Italy”

  1. thomas Says:

    in fact here you are the stupid: the child simply asked why were they smoking, and you are making a drama out of an old cartoon (btw: cigars are not proven damaging heath as cigarettes, get an education before posting on the web). Maybe better you switch your child to CNN or BBC, where she can watch blood everywhere from reportage from Iraq or man slotering from the towns were you live. Come out of your cave, get an education and learn where the switch off button of your TV set is.

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  3. who makes this site is a fag Says:

    U guys r FUCKING RETARDED who the fuck do u think makes all
    these cartoons the U.S and Japan u dipshits

    • Cicero Says:

      Dear Olimpio, although you have some serious problems to communicate, I guess was able to understand… I agree that most of the animation work is made in US or Japan, but the argument is provided by the producer…

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